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Sunday, January 31, 2010







Gilkrist Makurerdy

b. Circa 1425

Isle of Butte,

d. Unknown




Gilkrist was a Scottish Chief on the Isle of Butte which lies off the West coast of Scotland in the Firth of Clyde. Butte is a small island, twelves miles long and averaging five miles in width. Gilkrist, along with other Makurerdy’s, received land grants from James IV one of his trips to the Western isles. King James made this trip and several others in order to secure the loyalty of the clans. It is not known definitely that this is the family that received the grants from James IV, but the names fit perfectly with Gilkrist and his family. The Makurerdy Clan had long been the dominant tribe on the Isle of Butte. The Stewart Clan has also been on the isle for many years.

(Henry Percy Blanchard’s “The Ancestral McCurdy’s, Their Remote History”)

Children of Gilkrist and Unknown:

Gilkrist Jr. circa 1458

Finlay circa 1460

John circa 1462

Donald circa 1464


Donald Makurerdy I

b. circa 1464

Isle of Butte, Scotland

d. Unknown




Children of Donald I and Unknown:

Donald circa  1487

Alexander circa 1489


Donald Makurerdy II

b. Abt. 1487

Isle of Butte,

d. Unknown




Child of Donald II and Unknown:

Donald 1550


Donald Makurerdy III

b. 1550

Isle of Butte,

d. 1600

Isle of Butte,




Donald Makurerdy III is believed to be the first to have changed the name from Makurerdy to MacKirdy.

Donald Makurerdy III was killed in a battle with a Cameron Clan in 1600, at the age of 50.

Children of Donald III and Unknown:

Fingal circa  1575


Fingal MacKirdy

b. circa 1575
Kilkatchen, Isle of Butte, Scotland

d. 1600

Kilkatchen, Isle of Butte, Scotland




Fingal and his father, Donald III, were both killed in the Isle of Butte in a battle with a Cameron clan 1600.   Fingal was age 25 and Donald was age 50.

Children of Fingal and Unknown:

Donald  1598


Donald MacKirdy

b. 1598

Kilkatchen, Isle of Butte, Scotland

d. Unknown


Margaret (Peggy) Cameron

b. circa. 1598

Milport, Scotland

d. Unknown

 Ewen (5th of Erracht) Cameron

Marjory (of Lochliel)

Peggy was the great-granddaughter of King James IV of Scotland. Her cousin William mentioned Peggy in letters to other family members written in 1660. She was still living in the Isle of Butte, Scotland at that time. (Henry Percy Blanchard’s “The Ancestral McCurdy’s, Their Remote History”)

Children of Donald and Peggy:

Daniel circa 1620

Irven circa 1622

There is no further record of Irven or any family

Pethric circa 1624

Fingal circa 1626

There is no further record of Fingal or any of his family

Gilkrist circa 1628

Alexander circa 1630


Daniel MacKirdy

b. circa 1620

Kilkatchen, Isle of Butte, Scotland

d. Unknown


Elizabeth McCurdy

b. Unknown



Children of Daniel and Elizabeth:

Pethric circa 1640

David circa 1642

William circa 1644

William is known to have died unmarried

John circa 1646

John went to America and nothing more is known of him

Daniel circa 1650

Daniel remained in Ireland in the area of Aboghill and County Derry



The five sons of Daniel and Elizabeth .. Pethrick, David, William, John and Daniel  escaped from religious persecution by the English Sectarians in Scotland by sailing in a small boat to Ireland in 1666. In D. E. McCurdy’s book it is stated that “These brothers escaped in an open boat, and in a blinding snow storm from Butte in the later part of November, 1666. They sailed across the turbulent sea, and landed on one of the rocky islands near the north coast of Ireland. It is claimed they took refuge in this island and for two days and nights tasted no food, On the morning of the third day they sailed a short distance and landed near the Giants Causeway, County Antrim, Ireland, where they were received by the Presbyterians who had settled there from Scotland some years previous .. but here they were persecuted by the Irish Catholics.


Pethric/Patrick McCurdy

b. abt. 1640

Kilkatchen, Isle of Butte, Scotland

d. 1700

Ballentoy, Antrim



Ballentoy, Antrim
, Northern Ireland

Margaret Stewart

b. 1644

, Northern Ireland

d. Cavan Farm, Antrim
, Northern Ireland

Charles Stewart

Margaret Stewart was the daughter of Charles Stewart. Charles Stewart had left the Episcopal Church and converted to the ranks of the Presbyterian Church and because of this was forced to leave the Isle of Butte in 1664 or 1665. He settled in Ballintoy, County Antrim, Ireland. He got there a year or so before Pethric’s group in November of 1666. Pehtric met and married Margaret after his arrival in Ireland. Charles Stewart is a descendant of King Robert II of Scotland.

Children of Pethrick and Margaret:


William 1673

John 1675

Daniel 1677

James 1668


Daniel McCurdy

b. 1677

Cairne, Antrim
Co., Northern Ireland

d. 1747

Antrim Co.


Margaret Laughlin

b. Northern

d. Northern

Daniel inherited his father’s property in the Cairne, County Antrim, Ireland

Children of Daniel and Margaret:

Cecelia 1694 - 1779

Pethric Abt. 1700 - 1798

Daniel 1702

James 1706

Mararet 1710 - 1810

Neil 1711-1810


James McCurdy

b. 1706

, Northern Ireland

d. Salisbury
, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


Mary “Polly” Cooke

b. Unknown

d. before 1765

Salisbury Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


James immigrated to America around 1726 and settled in Salisbury Township, Pennsylvania. His journey to the new world was marred by stormy weather and by arriving off course at the mouth of the James River. The ship did a quick turn-about and finally arrived at the mouth of the Elk River in Maryland. From here he soon moved on to Salisbury Township where he obtained warranted land and spent the remainder of his life. He made his will 5 March 1770 at Salisbury Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. His estate was probated 2 May 1770.

 Children of James and Mary:

Archibald circa 1730

James circa 1732

Hugh circa 1734

Robert circa 1736


Hugh McCurdy

b. circa 1734

Salisbury Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

d. before 4/14/1813

Path Valley, Fannett Township,
Franklin County, Pennsylvania

Circa 1761

, Pennsylvania

Jean “Jane” Cook

b. circa 1745

, Pennsylvania

d. before 1800

Hugh Cook

Sometime before August 5, 1762, John Laughlin was hired for 10 shillings to ride to Path Valley to inform Hugh McCurdy of his father-in-law, Hugh Cook’s, death. There is much more info on Hugh and Jane in Larry McCurdy’s “McCurdy Ancestry” file which I have printed out.

Children of Hugh and Jean:

Margaret circa 1762

Thomas circa 1767

John 1769

Nancy circa 1772

James 1774

Jane circa 1779


James McCurdy

b. 1760

Path Valley, Fannett Township,
Franklin County, Pennsylvania

d. 08/10/1833

Liberty Township, Crawford County, Ohio


Fannett Township, Franklin County, Pennsylviania

Elizabeth Taylor

b. 10/13/1781

Path Valley, Metal Township,
Franklin County, Pennsylvania

d. 08/23/1873

Liberty township, Crawford County, Ohio

William Taylor

Martha Unknown

As a young man James went to Pennsylvania and there married Elizabeth Taylor and located in Path Valley, but in 1822 he removed to Richland County, Ohio. The following Spring removed to Crawford County, Ohio and settled on a homestead.

In “The History of Crawford County and Ohio” as a reference from “The Pioneer Sketches of Dr. Squires”, it states that James and his family left Path Valley 3 June 1822. The family went as far as Mansfield, Richland County, Ohio where Elizabeth and the younger children stayed while James and their son, William, went on to their land to build a log cabin. It was on 13 November 1822, James McCurdy, of Ohio, purchased from the government 80 acres in the East half of the Southeast quarter of section34 T2S R17E and 80 acres in the West half of the Southeast quarter of section 34 T2S R17E. This land was four miles East of Bucyrus in Liberty Township, Crawford County, Ohio. James and William rejoined the family and wintered in Mansfield. In the Spring when the family returned to their land they had difficulty finding the cabin. This cabin was located where the original farm building stood until the late 1960’s. A new home was built closer to the road but remnants still remain.

It is also noted that James was one of the first elders of the Presbyterian Church of Bucyrus. After the death of James, his wife Elizabeth remained on the land residing with their son, John. As of July 1997 this property is in the possession of John Russell McCurdy, great grandchild of James.

In a family tree created by Larry and Kathy McCurdy it states that Elizabeth died in the home which had become her son, John’s home … this was the home she came to with her husband so many years before. She was 89 years old.



On Wednesday, the 23rd of August, at the residence of her son, John McCurdy of Liberty Township, aged 89 years, 10 months, the deceased was born in Franklin County, Pennsylvania and moved to Ohio in the Spring of 1821. First stayed at Mansfield, the spring following she removed with her husband to the farm whereon she died. She was more than half a century a good and consistent member of the Presbyterian Church, and her husband was one of the founders of the Bucyrus congregation. She lost her husband in 1833. For thirty eight years, she has lived faithful to his memory, devoting herself to the care of his children and grandchildren until they repaid her maternal tenderness with filial care. She woke at about two 0’clock on Wednesday morning restless and apparently as well as usual, but she soon fell asleep again and gradually breather her last, without any apparent restlessness or pain whatever.

Children of James and Elizabeth:

John McGinley 08/11/1822 – 11/05/1902

William M 03/07/1803 – 07/26/1883

Martha 04/03/1808 – 05/21/1839

Jane 01/18/1809 – 06/19/1883

Elizabeth 1810 – 10/21/1854

Nancy 1813 – 1872

James 1816 – 09/20/1893

Thomas Cook 03/17/1818 – 07/4/1897

James and Elizabeth Taylor McCurdy are buried in Stewart Cemetery, Whetstone Township, Crawford County, Ohio. Row 11 Lot 119. Martha is also buried there on Lot 119.

*** At the Robinson Library I found a book of maps of Crawford County, Ohio .. I have a printout of the map showing the property James and William purchased .. with their names on their property!!


William M. McCurdy

b. 03/07/1803

Path Valley, Metal Township,
Franklin County, Pennsylvania

d. 07/26/1883

Liberty Township, Crawford County, Ohio


Liberty Township, Crawford County, Ohio

Zilpha Matthews

b. 08/23/1814


d. 10/04/1877

Liberty Township, Crawford County, Ohio

William Matthews

b. 12/30/1780


d. 1/9/1852


Mary Unknown

b. Unknown

d. 1/20/1852


In 1822, with his parents, William moved to Mansfield and in the early Spring of 1823, he moved to Liberty Township. In early life he joined the Presbyterian Church. William and Zilpha joined the United Brethren in Christ Church about 1851 where they remained a member until their death. It has been stated by other church members, if “Mother McCurdy” was not in church, the family needed to be visited for someone was sick. One of Zilpha’s favorite sayings was “ I am resting on the rock”. William had several afflictions for many years which prevented him from getting out.

William and Zilpha resided on a tract of land purchased from the government when William came with his parents to Crawford Country. This farm was located on McCurdy Road by the river crossing in Liberty Township. They had twelve children. Several died at birth or very young bu no record of their birth, death or burial can be found. It also has been noted that William and his sons, William W. and Thomas J. were ministers.

Children of William and Zilpha:

Frances Elisha 05/30/1837 – 04/24/1909

James Newton 09/03/1838 – 01/10/1918

William Washington 02/19/1840 – 04/05/1914

Mary Jane 1843 – Between 1850 and 10/04/1877

Sarah R. V. 1848 – After 03/21/1888

Thomas J. 1851 – 04/04/1881

Joseph Donald  08/15/1854 – 09/17/1887

Zilpha was the daughter of Reverend William Matthews, an old pioneer of the Presbyterian Church.

William McCurdy entered a will on 17 October 1881 in Liberty Township, Crawford County, Ohio. It was probated 23 April 1885 and final dispersal was 21 March 1888.

At the Robinson Library I found:

William is buried in Stewart Cemetery, Whetstone Township, Crawford County, Ohio.

Stewart Cemetery is located long the South side of US Route 30. Immediately East of Bucyrus and approximately 1 ¼ mile West of Parcher Road. S5 T35 R17E on the Crawford County plot map.

Zilpha is buried in Liberty Chapel Cemetery in Liberty Township, Crawford County, Ohio. Located In the Northwest corner of Intersection SR 96 and Klopfenstein Road. S27 T25 R17E on the Crawford County plot map.

Both graves are unmarked.

I also found:

The will of Zilpha’s father, William Matthews!!

MATTHEWS, WILLIAM Wife, Mary to have possession of all property, real and personal, along with youngest children, John and Mary Jane until it can be sold and advantageously divided; then $50 to domestic and foreign missions of the Presbyterian Church; granddaughter, Martha Gibson - $50; children mentioned: Sarah Donelson, Zilpha McCurdy, William, John B. and Mary Jane. Wife also to have bedding. Exec.: Wife Witness: James Moderwell and John McCurdy. W1-218 1/22/1832

I was so thrilled to have found these two pieces of information in this small town library in Illinois!!!


Joseph Donald McCurdy

b. 08/15/1854

Liberty Township, Crawford County, Ohio

d. 09/17/1887

Harrison Township, Van Wert County, Ohio


Liberty Township, Crawford County, Ohio

Dollie A. Vought

b. 12/02/1859

Connellsville Township,Pennsylvania

d. 03/29/1934

Detroit Township, Wayne County, Michigan

William Vought

Elizabeth Kuntz

Joseph Donald McCurdy died of Neuralgia of the stomach at the age of 33 years, 1 month and 2 days. I have not yet discovered where he is buried.

I have discovered that Dollie's first name is actually Dorothy! On the 1900 Census Dollie was living in Amanda Township, Allen County, Ohio.  On the 1910 Census she was in Fort Wayne, Indiana. On the 1920 and 1930 Census she was in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan! Dollie died March 24, 1934 at her home on Elmsdale Avenue in Detroit. She is buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Detroit. Section E, Range 28, Lot 28. Her death certificate stated that she died of Coronary Thrombosis. Her age was 75 years, 3 months and 27 days.

*** I have not yet found proof that Elizabeth Kuntz was Dollie's mother.

Children of Joseph and Dollie:

Bertha May 10/23/1879 - 07/31/1901

Bertha May McCurdy married Jacob Andrew Fifer August 25, 1898. Jacob was the son of John and Susan Shope Fifer. In September of 1899 she gave birth to a daughter, Goldie Fifer. At 22 years of age Bertha May was killed in a horse and wagon accident in front of her home.  I  recently discovered that she is buried in Hartford Cemetery, Hartford, Ohio

Etta Blanche 8/20/1881 – 11/11/1922

William Arthur 11/12/1883 – 1/19/1969

William Arthur McCurdy married Chloe Davis in 1911. Chloe was the daughter of Thomas E. and Martha J. Davis. Chloe gave birth to a daughter, Helen Bertha McCurdy April 30, 1913. March 4, 1913 Chloe died of Tuberculosis. She was buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Lima Township, Allen County, Ohio. Helen was taken to Illinois to live with Levi and Etta Blanche McCurdy Shrider. October 6, 1915 Arthur married Hasel A. Gipe in Van Wert County, Ohio. Hazel was the daughter of Waldo and Magdalena Johnson Gipe. Shortly after her father's marriage Helen was returned to Ohio to live with her father and Hazel. May 22, 1918 Hazel gave birth to a son, Richard Arthur McCurdy. March 24, 1931 Arthur's daughter, Helen, died of Pulmonary Tuberculosis at the age of 18. Helen and Arthur are both buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Lima Township, Allen County, Ohio.

Joseph Ernest 3/31/1885 – 9/20/1906

Joseph was a fireman for the C H & D Railroad and was killed in a collision between 2 trains. He was 21 years old. He is buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Lima Township, Allen County, Ohio.


Etta Blanche McCurdy

b. 8/20/1881

Liberty Township, Crawford County, Ohio

d. 11/11/1922

Casey Township, Clark County, Illinois


Lima Township, Allen County, Ohio

Levi Shrider

b. 6/28/1882

Bath Township, Allen County, Ohio

d. 11/1/1941

Lima Township, Allen County, Ohio

William M. Shrider

Phoebe Jane Spurlin

Levi and Blanche McCurdy Shrider are buried in Washington Street Cemetery,
Casey, Clark County, Illinois.

Children of Etta Blanche and Levi:

Dorothy May 3/6/1903 – 7/8/1979

Dorothy is buried at Washington Street Cemetery, Casey, Clark County, Illinois
with her husband Thomas Ivan Grissom.

James Sylvester 12/29/1904 – 11/25/1907
James is buried at Forest Cemetery in Toledo,Lucas County, Ohio

Leona Mae 1/24/1909


Leona Mae Shrider

b. 1/24/1909

Parker Township, Clark County, Illinois

d. 03/11/2006

Casey Township, Clark County, Illinois


Toledo Township, Cumberland County, Illinois

Noble Neal Grissom

b. 7/4/1906

Greenup Township, Cumberland County, Illiois

d. 5/12/1968

Union Hospital, Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana

Thomas Randall Grissom

Artemecia DeEtta Winnett Reed

Noble Neal and Leona Mae Shrider Grissom are buried at Casey Cumberland Cemetery,Casey, Clark County, Illinois

Children of Leona Mae Shrider and Noble:

Dorothy Jeanne 01/06/1929

Etta Mae 07/03/1930 – 07/07/1930

Etta Mae is buried in Washington Street Cemetery, Casey, Clark County, Illinois
with her grandparents Levi and Blanche McCurdy Shrider.

Juanita Marie 09/09/1931

Thomas Levi 05/25/1933

Virginia June 01/14/1935

Richard Arthur 12/29/1935

Shirley Ann 02/16/1937

Maurice Ray 08/29/1939 – 09/08/1939

Maurice Ray is buried in Washington Street Cemetery, Casey, Clark County, Illinois
with his grandparents Levi and Blanche McCurdy Shrider.

Maurine Kay 08/29/1939

Elizabeth Sue 10/14/1943

Evelyn Lue 10/14/1943


“ McCurdy – Ancestry” homepage created by Larry and Kathy McCurdy (kalamc@ameritech.net).

Larry and Kathy live in Michigan. They have been researching the McCurdy line for several years. They are planning to publish a book on the McCurdy Ancestors and Descendents. We have been sharing information They have gotten their information from many sources, which are defined in their book. Larry is a third cousin once removed. He is descended from John McGinley McCurdy, a brother to William M. McCurdy.

“ Historical Genealogy of the McCurdy Family” compiled by Elmer D. E. McCurdy

“McCurdy Family History” compiled and written by Edward Elbridge Salisbury and Evelyn McCurdy Salisbury.

And some came from many hours searching on the internet and the Genealogical Library in Lima as well as the Robinson Library. I was amazed at how much information my local library has on Crawford County, Ohio!!!

Joseph Donald McCurdy’s death information was discovered by David Elsworth Mason in the Van Wert County Death Index at the Toledo, Ohio Main Library. David is a third cousin. He is descended from Joseph Donald McCurdy’s brother, William Washington.

I have printed out the books “Historical Genealogy of the McCurdy Family” and “McCurdy Family History” and Larry and Kathy’s information for their book and would be glad to share them with anyone who would like to see them.

Dollie McCurdy’s death date and information on Bertha May McCurdy’s marriage and death were discovered through William Arthur McCurdy’s granddaughter, Cheryl McCurdy Parsa. Cheryl is a second cousin. Her grandfather, William Arthur McCurdy, was a brother to our grandmother, Etta Blanche McCurdy Shrider. Joseph and Dollie are her greatgrandparents also. Cheryl found this information in notes written by her grandfather and her father, Richard Arthur McCurdy.

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